About Us

Our company has started its business in irrigation sector in year 1992 with equipment sales. In year 2000, our company started sapling sales and carried on its activities as Beta Irrigation and Sapling until 2006. In 2006, our company has separated its major activities as Sapling Production and Irrigation Systems.

Now, our company gives application and consultancy service for fruit orchards, vegetable fields and greenhouses with its wide engineer and technician staff, also regarding product sales and irrigation systems automation with its wide dealer network.

Beta Irrigation, with six companies within the structure of its body provides agricultural and technical consultancy and foreign trade service in addition to fruit production, sapling production, and drip irrigation pipes production; irrigation systems project designs and applications. Since the day it started its activities, Beta Irrigation has become a preferred and trustable brand with its quality that meets all the demands of the farmers with its subsidiary companies establishing turn-key orchards.

Our company which follows the modern technologies continuously and provides service in every region of Turkey is also in collaboration with many companies abroad.

Our company will continue its activities in the irrigation sector without sacrificing quality, and answering customer needs as fast as it can be.